Palladium OS

Palladium OS is a Custom ROM based on Android Open Source Project and the element palladium. Palladium OS is a community-driven OS. Anyone can request or remove a feature. This flexible system is implemented by a system app,the PalladiumOS-Community with which the users can interact/create polls and posts for discussion. Lastly, this is complemented by the Meteor Drop OTAs. These are exclusive OTAs which add new features and easter eggs inside the OS based on the suggestions from pdC. Enough pondering now, hop in and experience Android at its finest!

A Glimpse of What's in Store.


Consistent Updates

Palladium OS is always up-to-date with Android's security patches and we ensure that your experience is improved with each and every update and Updates are pushed via OTA on a monthly basis

Community Driven

We have a dedicated telegram, through which user can share his/her experience, bugs he or she has encountered and new features to add in the upcoming builds

Feature Packed

We have cherry-picked handful of essential features to satisfy your need for Customization without compromising on the quality

Reworked UI

We have reworked the entire Settings Application UserInterface and System UserInterface to give you a fresh and wonderful experience

Fast and Smooth

Palladium-OS is well optimized for smoothness and offers speed and stability at its finest.We match your need of good User Experience by keeping all the bloatwares away to offer you a wonderful experience

Good Device Support

With the increasing number of maintainers our Official list of Supported devices is also increasing and We along with Our Maintainers provide support for all your user queries